Hampshire Living June 2022
Winchester’s celebrity hairstylist Guy Kremer visits a remarkable hair exhibition by a former protégé, and creates an elegant look for the Jubilee.

We loved our recent visit to the Bangkok Bistro in Winchester. It’s a fabulous Thai restaurant and a top tip is to try the tasting menu – you are presented with an endless array of amazing food and it gives you the chance to try many different things. - Secret Spot

Innovation in hair is always exciting, and I was delighted to see one of my former proteges unveil a fabulously creative hair exhibition at The Mandrake in London.

My fellow Frenchman Robert Masciave came to work for me when he left France to forge a career in the UK. Always very creative and avant-garde, he became our artistic director and stayed with us for 11 years.

He has gone on to become one of hairdressing’s most innovative voices and his new exhibition at The Mandrake features Soul of Man, a wearable outfit made of 200m of human hair, and a chandelier installation designed in collaboration with Lara Bohinc that merges metal with hair.

It was wonderful to see the amazing exhibits, and so good to catch up with my talented friend.

Meanwhile, I was very excited to visit Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm for a photoshoot with his partner Lisa Hogan. We were styling her for the front cover of Fabulous magazine, and it was great fun meeting both Lisa and Jeremy.

I’m lucky enough to meet so many lovely people during my work, many of whom I then get to see again on television! I’m currently enjoying Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy series. I love both travel and food, so it’s fascinating to see the beautiful places and delicious dishes he tracks down. I met Stanley some years ago, and he is just as nice off-screen as he is on.

Love Islander Faye Winter called me up and asked me to style her hair ahead of her appearance at the glitzy Gossie Awards in Dublin. I had to be at her house at 5am to get her ready before her flight, but it was worth it – although I didn’t get to meet Teddy; he was still in bed! I had styled her hair before for a fashion shoot, and I realised just how famous she was when the picture I posted of us on Instagram got 26,000 likes!

One famous face who has become a friend is the Dire Straits musician John Illsley. Luckily, because he is local, he does occasional gigs at the Theatre Royal in Winchester, and I enjoyed his recent Q&A of Music and Memories with a large group of friends. He very kindly came and met us all afterwards and spent time chatting to everyone. He is such a nice, normal person, who treats everyone with respect. It’s a real pleasure to have got to know him so well over the years.

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