Hampshire Living March 2021
Winchester’s celebrity hairdresser Guy Kremer packs up his house in preparation for his move to the city centre and shows us three looks to make us feel good while we are unable to get to the salon.

"I've been keeping myself busy packing boxes ready for my move back into the city centre" Guy Kremer

This lockdown has definitely been the hardest of all. The inclement weather has meant we haven’t been able to get outside in the garden, and even the dog walks are so muddy it isn’t as pleasant as it usually is. It’s hard to keep yourself going and stay fresh and upbeat when the dark weather means the days and nights merge into each other.

We did have one day of great joy when we woke up to a wonderful white world outside the window. The snow day made everything feel like Narnia, and our dog walk led to the slopes up by the Winchester Golf course, where there were so many people sledging.

The little dark figures against the white snow made the whole scene look like a Lowry painting. I’ve never seen so many children up so early and it was fabulous to hear people laughing and having fun.

I’ve been keeping myself busy packing boxes ready for my move back into the city centre. All my crystal and precious things are in storage, and I’ve sold the garden statues. It all looks very strange, but it is giving me something to concentrate on. I try to have a routine where I do my office work in the morning and then walk the dogs and potter about in the afternoon.

I do get into the salon regularly, where I am keeping things ticking over. I keep in touch with the clients, and I have restocked the shelves and had everything professionally deep cleaned so that we are able to open again as soon as we are given the word. I’ve also done lots of Zoom calls and several interviews for social media.

When we can all get back to work, we will have such fun catching up with all our clients and friends and finally start work on our exciting new spring/ summer collection – I can’t wait!

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