Martin Roskilly

Colour Specialist

Martin has spent the last 35 years specialising in colour and perming. He joined Guy Kremer in 1986 and worked with Guy for 8 years until setting up his own salon in 1994. On selling his salon, he returned to Guy Kremer in 2018 as a dedicated Colour Specialist. He thrives on keeping up to date with the ever-developing world of colour that is constantly changing with new colours, new techniques and new products being developed.

Colour has always been Martin’s passion. He loves the way it can completely transform someone’s look. Consultation with his clients is absolutely key for understanding their expectations, managing the health and condition of their hair, and for explaining how to achieve the best result for their unique look. Colour demands both technical skill and the experience that comes from many years of working with a multitude of hair types, as the way colour reacts to hair is different for each client. Martin is a master of colour correction with its requirement for technical knowledge and practical experience of how colour will react on top of other colour, as returning the condition and shine of the hair is always a priority.

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